Breaking Down Barriers

Women as Feminists During the 1930s and 1940s in Canada

Welcome to My Research Project E-Portfolio

This webpage contains a portfolio of information about my research project titled “Breaking Down Barriers: Women as Feminists During the 1930s and 1940s.” There are three major sections of this portfolio: “About Me,” “Research Project,” and “Research Process and Reflection.” The “About Me” section includes a very brief summary of who I am and my connection to history as a subject of study. Next, the “Research Project” section contains the information that I used in my final paper for this project. Finally, the “Research Process and Reflection” section explains multiple behind-the-scenes aspects of my final paper, including what sources I used and how I chose my research topic. When you click on the headings in the menu, you may notice multiple sub-sections in a couple of the titles. These will lead you to specified topics about my project. Although you can choose to read them in any order, I recommend that you read the sections in the order that they are listed. Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio, and I hope you learn something new and enjoy the project!


Canadian Women’s History Timeline Link

For anyone with an interest in getting a very brief look at the timeline of Canadian women’s history, click here. While there are only the main highlights, it gives an overview that is very simple to read. It would be useful for anyone who has little to no knowledge of Canadian women’s history, or anyone who wants to be reminded of the major events and women of our past! There are facts about women in education, including the first Canadian woman to receive a degree. There is also information about women getting into the work force, and examples of women who participated in the war effort during both World Wars, and these are all topics that I cover in my project. Although my research paper only covers the 1930s and 1940s, it is useful to have at least a slight understanding of women’s history before and after that time period, and this timeline summary can help anyone achieve that understanding.